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A Stealth Camera Android Mobile Phone

It looks like a standard  Smart Phone, It has all the features of a standard Phone, in fact, it is an original Phone but with a twist!

The new Stealth Android Mobile Phone keeps all the original functionality of a standard Phone. It can be used for conversations messages emails and even games. Just download any app. you want from Google Play


The only change is the location of the front camera.


Instead of a standard front camera, the Stealth Android Mobile Phone front camera is in the top panel of the device.


You can use a stealth app. to record secretly  HD video while the phone is in a conversation or just placed on the table while the screen turned off. Live video streaming is also possible using a wide range of discrete video streaming app.



Just put the phone on the table and watch the live video Audio and location streams on the other side using 3G,4G or WIFI networks 


 A special lense for as wide as possible field of view with a 15 degrees tilt-up in order to see better objects in front of you

We offer The Jasmine System a Live Audio Video and Location Stealth software to work with the Stealth or standard Android Phone.
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