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Working Silhouettes

Jasmine is a system for covert live streaming of video, audio and location from Android Smartphone over LTE / WIFI networks.


It is a discrete app. running on the background while the phone keeps all its original functionalities.

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No additional device

Everyone has a smartphone on their hand. Every smartphone has a powerful camera. The Jasmine system uses the smartphone’s advanced hardware platform and streams live video, audio and location from the smartphone to a private on the premise video server

Works on Background

The Jasmine application for Android works on the background. All original phone features are kept including receiving or making calls, messages or even using other applications. The Jasmine will continue streaming LIVE 

Secured Private solution

Jasmin can work on VPN, OPEN VPN, and other secured networks. The stream the Jasmin sends to the server may be also secured and encrypted  

Panic Indication

A smart describe and unsuspicious way to send panic or other induction from the phone holder to the remote server operator. There is an indication whether the 3.5mm PL earphone plug is connected or disconnected to the phone. So panic alert can be sent when just pulling out the earphones plug from the phone.

Smartphone Holder
London Reflections
Video Game
Police Cars

Remote control & Switch Cameras

The remote operator using the MRS command and control server can turn ON off camera or Audio. In addition, it is possible to switch remotely between front and back cameras of the cell phone

Dual Encoding Main / Sub Streams

It is possible to record locally video and audio at the highest resolution while at the same time stream back on a lower resolution in order to adjust video stream to the LTE network limited bandwidth.

Multiple Record Options

There are 3 option for recording the stream: locally on the device, record on MRS server, record on Monitor client

Camera Filters
Playing Video Games


Handheld Camera

With the Jasmin your phone can stream live video, audio and location from meetings in the room or outside. Hold the phone on your hand, turn Jasmin ON and you are streaming.


Car Camera

Mount the phone on the car windshield and choose between the front camera if you want to record the inside of the car or the back camera if you want to see the drive root

Screenshot JAS.jpg

Bluetooth Audio

The new Jasmin 2.0 version supports live audio streaming from an external BT microphone. BT microphone is very small and can be easily concealed in many places or on the body. This new feature allows the user to carry on his body a tiny BT microphone wirelessly connected to the smartphone and to stream live audio from its surroundings even if the phone is in the next room. This new feature can be used in places where entering a room with a smartphone is a problem. The distance between the BT microphone is depended on the type of BT microphone used

Black & White Microphone

Jasmin & The BEE


The new Stealth Android Mobile Phone with re-positioned camera keeps all the original functionality of a standard Phone. It can be used for conversations messages emails and even games. Just download any app. you want from Google Play


The only change is the location of the front camera.


Instead of a standard front camera, the Stealth Android Mobile Phone front camera is in the top panel of the device.



MRS Command and Control

Video Server

The MRS Server allows multiple streams to connect and provide the operators with a clear understanding and control over the field units. Live map is available to see the real-time current location of each unit. Distribution to unlimited clients with a selection of permission and access levels is available. Three AV recording options On Monitor/ In Device/ On Server and many other features are available

Key Features


•Support hundreds of streams at the same time


•View live streaming video/audio and location over a map


•Setting permission and access levels


•Remote clients access from any location


•Recording on the server and on the smartphone


•Split screen (up to 50 screens)


•History GPS tracking


•Support multiple languages


•Smartphone clients

•Video channel frame text including date/time/GPS Coordinates

•Live GPS tracking of all units or of a specific unit

•Multiple GPS map views

•Video streaming over GPS map

•GPS event alarm, Location history, Geo-Fencing

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