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Celebrating 23 years, since 1999

Welcome to our international website

HSS Ltd. is a leading Israeli manufacturer, integrator and professional consulting of intelligence and security solutions. Established in 1999, the company provides advanced solutions for intelligence, investigations and security professionals.


Company’s Aim

The company’s aim is to provide professionally sophisticated, state-of-the-art high technology solutions in the field of intelligence, investigations and field equipment for professional users.


Projects and Services

The company provides off-the-shelf products made by the best manufacturers in the world and custom-made solutions that are tailored especially for the specific needs of the customer.


Consulting and project management 

The company offers professionally experienced consultants for long-term and short-term projects. With more than 20 years of experience, we provide the highest level of professionalism to our customers  


Showroom and Training Center

The company is operating a special showroom and training centre in Tel-Aviv in which customers can come in to see, learn and try its state-of-the-art products and solutions.


Successful Track Record

HSS’s professional staff has developed products and solutions, which were used successfully in real enemy territories in many places in the world. The company was founded and is headed by former officers of the Israeli Police Elite investigation unit.


Customer Base

HSS Ltd. serves Governments, the Ministry of Defense, the Army, the Police, Intelligence Agencies, Air Forces, Special Forces, Special Law Enforcement Agencies, Financial Institutes, Academic Institutes, and others.


Quality Assurance

HSS Ltd. is certified to ISO-9001:2000



HSS’s unique range of products and solutions include:

  • High-Resolution Miniature Video Recorders

  • World Smallest HR Cameras

  • COFDM miniature Encrypted video Transmitters

  • Professional Audio transmitters and loggers

  • Cellular Encryption solutions

  • VIP Protection Systems

  • Crisis Management Systems

  • GPS/GPRS Professional Location Systems

  • Tactical Surveillance Counter Measures equipment

  • Miniature Audio/Video Eavesdropping equipment

Unique Services

HSS Ltd. unique services include: Technical Consulting for Special Projects,

Project Management and Implementation, Professional Eavesdropping Devises Search Team, Technical Training, Special Installations and more….

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