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TULIP is a system for live streaming from selected WIFI cameras over LTE using a smartphone.

The live feed is streamed to the advanced MRS video command and control server.

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No additional device

It does not matter if it is a miniature hidden body camera or a helmet tactical camera there is no need for an additional LTE streaming device. The smartphone in the pocket is used to transmit the live video stream to the MRS video server. All original functionality of the smartphone is kept. The TULIP app is working on the background while the smartphone can receive calls, messages, etc.


Secured Cable Free Solution

No cable between the WIFI camera and smartphone. The WIFI link between the camera and the smartphone is secured and encrypted. Also, the LTE stream between the Smartphone and the MRS command and control server is secured and encrypted.

TULIP Applications


Body worn live video transmission is a technical challenge. There is a need not only to hide the camera and its cable but also to hide the LTE sender. When using the supported miniature WIFI cameras and the TULIP system there is no need for any additional device. The miniature camera transmit its AV stream to the smartphone, which can be in the pocket or in a bag or even next room. The smartphone sends the live stream from the camera to the MRS server over LTE network

TULIP 1.png

Body-worn hidden camera

TULIP 2.png

Car hidden camera


When installing a hidden camera in a car there are two main challenges. The first is to hide the camera properly and the second is to hide the cable between the camera and LTE sender. When using the TULIP system there is no need to wire the camera all the way to the LTE sender. A secured WIFI link between the camera and the Smartphone will ensure live video feed from the camera to the MRS command and control server ​

Room hidden camera


When hiding a camera in a room there are many challenges such as power source, relevant host and relevant place to hide the LTE sender. When using the TULIP system and ultra-miniature WIFI camera new opportunities are available for the technical team. The hosts for the camera can be much smaller and independent from the LTE sender. There are no cables between the camera and the LTE sender which can be in the ceiling or next door or even external to the room​

TULIP 3.png

Tactical Helmet camera

TULIP 4.png


Everyone wants a live stream from the field, but is it smart to add additional equipment to the officers? Obviously, all have a smartphone in their pocket. Why not use this advanced platform to transmit tactical cameras? This is exactly what the TULIP system does. It transmits live video stream from tactical cameras such as MOHOC or GoPro to the MRS command and control video server. Obviously, there is no cable between the camera and the smartphone


MRS Command and Control

Video Server

The MRS Server allows multiple streams to connect and provide the operators with a clear understanding and control over the field units. Live map is available to see the real-time current location of each unit. Distribution to unlimited clients with a selection of permission and access levels is available. Three AV recording options On Monitor/ In Device/ On Server and many other features are available

Key Features


•Support hundreds of streams at the same time


•View live streaming video/audio and location over a map


•Setting permission and access levels


•Remote clients access from any location


•Recording on the server and on the smartphone


•Split screen (up to 50 screens)


•History GPS tracking


•Support multiple languages


•Smartphone clients

•Video channel frame text including date/time/GPS Coordinates

•Live GPS tracking of all units or of a specific unit

•Multiple GPS map views

•Video streaming over GPS map

•GPS event alarm, Location history, Geo-Fencing

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