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HSS-TPS Total protection system

Designed for VIP & Assets Protection System


When you travel from one location to other or when you need to provide short term protection of an asset you need a comprehensive solution which can be fast diploid, Wireless and of course has internal energy source.  The new 2015 TPS was designed to fulfill all these needs by using top of the line IP and RF technologies.

The TPS enhance your protection force capabilities while keeping the system simple to use, easy to deploy and easy to carry from one location to other. For both VIP & Assets protection the TPS will be the CMS of your protection team and allow you to provide modern and effective service.

The new 2015 TPS designers were aware to the fact that not all the missions are alike. For some missions requires large number of cameras and sensors but for other you many need only one or two. Therefore the new system was designed as modular one. You can choose from large variety of components and accessories and build your own system according to your needs.

Products & Services

System’s components:


Laptop PC

The laptop PC in the Command and Control point of the system. It allows watching and recording of the video and receive the alerts signals of the panic buttons and wireless sensors. The laptop PC can be any laptop running win. 7 or 8, it can be standard one or rigid industrial one, all according to the requirements of the customer. We provide two software re-installed on the PC. The TPS-HDV  for watching and recording live video and the TPS-WSS  for monitoring the sensors and and pannic buttons.



  • External Day Night Camera – For outdoor mounting. Mainly for installing outside the window or in the emergency exit of the floor.

  • External PTZ Day Night Camera – For outdoor mounting with Pan Tilt and zoom control. Mainly for installing in close high point allowing watching longer distance than standard cameras.

  • Internal Day night PTZ Camera – looks like a standard hotel camera. Can be mounted in the corridor or next to the protected room.

  • Day Night Camera – just like a small camera you can find in any hotel.

  • Hidden camera – according to the customer’s specific request we provide hidden cameras that can be bland into the specific environment of the customer. Some suggestions are Electrical box, emergency light, Fire alarm button and more…

All our cameras has independent power source for at least 8 hrs. of continues video transmission. All cameras sends live video to the PC thought the system’s encrypted wireless network.


Panic & Sensors

  • The panic button and the wireless sensors are independent from the WI-FI network. It utilized digital protected wireless technology in a different frequency than the WIFI. So even if the is a jamming threat or technical problem with the WIFI network the sensors and the panic buttons will continue to provide protection. 


Panic Buttons

  • 2 separate Wireless panic button. Each of the  When pressed send alerts to the PC TPS-WSS Software


Wireless Sensors  

  • Wireless PIR sensor – for room or corridor protection. Detects human body heat from a distance of 7-12 meters and send alerts to the PC

  • Wireless Magnetic sensor – for door or window protection. Detects door or window open and send alerts to the PC

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