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Special Services

Celebrating 20 years, since 1999

Eavesdropping Detection Service

As per your request, our professional and experienced technical team will perform

Eavesdropping Detection Test anywhere in the world. The test we perform is based on a methodology developed for more than 30 years. 


Our professional team is doing this kind of work on an everyday basis


The tests include the following:

• Spectral check to detect local and nearby radio transmissions.

• Check of the room space to intercept implanted transmitters operating in VOX mode.

• Physical and Electrical check of telephones equipment and connection points.

• Check whether there is any carrier frequency coming out of the offices onto the external cable/line.

• Line-Balance check on direct lines to locate unauthorized connection

• Physical check of floors Intermediate connection boxes

• Check of Main connection box including the relevant extensions’ connections.

• Physical check of the Switchboard.



The tests are usually performed in two phases:

• Spectral check during the day time in standard operating hours of the premises.

• Rests of the tests are performed after working hours were the premises are empty


Consulting, Project Management & New Solutions Development

If you feel unsecured in your decision-making regarding a project you need to do, or if you need a bit of good advice from experienced and professional people in this field do not hesitate to contact us.


We have more than 20 years of experience in our business. Maybe your new problem is not strange to us and we have already the solution...


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