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HSS- e-Shield 

e-Shield Fixed System

e-Shield – Assured Information Security


The fixed e-Shield sensor solution provides a fixed 24/7 solution for keeping your meeting rooms, office and public areas safe from eavesdropping.  Using multi sensor technology, e-Shield can secure multiple location from a central control point.  Providing real-time protection from active devices as well as store and forward transmissions.


The e-Shield system will carry out a reference check and then alert the user to any threats brought into the room, developed to give you the ultimate protection even when you are not there.  Compact design to blend quietly into the surroundings seamlessly.  Easily and effectively deployed with little training for users.


  • Multiple sensors can be used to triangulate a suspicious signal

  • Integrated, dedicated sensors to optimise detection of suspicious signals

  • Multi sensor option

  • Facility to store scanned data for rapid review

  • Detection and analysis of RF analogue and digital transmissions

  • Quick and easy to deploy

  • Multi-layer software for different user abilities


  • Securing meeting rooms, office and public areas

  • Multiple room security from central location

  • Comprehensive protection against RF eavesdropping

  • Real time monitoring

  • 24/7 eavesdropping protection

  • Essential part of your security solutions

Technical Specificatons


Wide band (Harmonic) receiver

Frequency Range: Better than -50dBm
Sensitivity Typ:  Greater than 50dB
Dynamic range Typ: 1 scan per second
Scan rate:Near DC to 10GHz in 4 bands


Dedicated ISM Band Detectors

Frequency bands: Better than -50dBm
Sensitivity Typ: Greater than 50dB
Dynamic range Typ:2.4GHz and 5.8GHz


Dedicated Mobile Phone Detectors

Frequency bands: Better than -50dBm
Sensitivity Typ: Greater than 50dB
Dynamic range Typ:850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz, 1950MHz



Dims: Ceiling 300x160x100mm, Suspended Ceiling 280x150x55mm
Connectivity Ethernet: Standard RJ45 or Powerline
Power Universal input:Solid 110 to 240VAC, 0.5A




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