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Remote Controlled Observation System



  • Stand alone remote controlled observation system with local WIFI or unlimited range 3/4G communication abilities.

  • The system includes – Motorizes PTZ camera, Power and communication box, Power and logistic case for the PC and heavy duty tripod.

  • Powerful Day Night, Zoom camera with X37 optical magnification

  • 3/4G and WIFI communications built in

  • Independent power source for 12 hrs.

  • Built in recording ability with D1 resolution on 32GB SD card

  • PTZ Remote control by 4G or WIFI communication.

  • Remote view and control by any PC connected to the local WIFI network or trough the Internet using 3G/4G modem.

  • The camera can be disguised in many non suspicious standards objects such as a rock or in the car

  • The system includes a heavy duty tripod 5m tall.

  • The camera system is delivered with heavy duty logistic case for easy transportation and fast deployment.


  • The PC logistic case is designed to protect the laptop when traveling and supply extra power for the laptop for 12Hrs.

In case of an event like VIP speech, Sports event, demonstration etc. you may need to place an independent observation system to enhance your security and control of the event. For such needs we have developed the HSS-ROS Remote Observation System. Just tack is out of the rigid box, place it on the heavy duty tripod turn it ON and you have powerful remote controlled observation system. It takes only 2 min. to set it up or to put it back on the car. 

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