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The Stealth iOS Mobile Phone

The new Stealth Mobile Phone keeps all the original functionality of a standard I-Phon­­­e. It can be used for conversations massages emails and even games. Just download any app. you want from the app store.


The only change is the location of the front camera.


Instead of a standard front camera the Stealth Mobile Phone front camera is in the headphone socket.


You can use stealth apps. to record HD video while the screen is black or displaying a picture of the “home screen”. Live video streaming is also possible using a streaming app.


You can video record a meeting while the I-Phone is placed on the table and the headphone socket is directed to the people sitting in front of you.


You can hold it on your ear, as like you are on a conversation, and the camera will catch the front view as the headphone socket of the devise is directed to the front when you hold it on your ear.

Available for I-Phone 5s/6s/6Plus at any color in the market

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