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WF24 Store & forward Audio Devise

The WF-24 is a miniature audio recorder with WIFI capabilities. It allows you to record the room audio and store the data in a micro SD memory card. The WIFI capability of the miniature devise allows you to download the data using mobile phone or PC.

Main Features:

  • Remote reception (downloading) of pre-recorded data from an internal memory card to a mobile phone, tablet or notebook computer;

  • Sending of pre-recorded data from an internal memory card by email via a Wi-Fi channel< >Scheduled recordingScheduled Wi-Fi activation Automatic/manual selection of a free Wi-Fi channel by lowest possible interference lev

WF24 module dimensions:

Length: 29mm Width: 20 mm

Model EK-23024-C37 “Knowless” Microphone

Sensitivity: -53 dBA

Length: 5.56mm Width: 3.98 mm Depth: 2.21 mm Depth: 8.5 mm

Supply voltage: Input jack 1: 3.3 V – 4.2V (LI-ION or LI-MH battery)

Input jack 2: 5.0v (a charger)

Few suggested Applications:

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