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Ultra-Small DUAL SIM 4G Audio Video Location Sender



  • Doubling the band wide of the cellular network by using 2 SIM card simultaneously.


  • Improving the Redundancy by using SIM cards of different providers to make sure at least one has stable signal


HSS-201DUAL allows to transmit live video, audio and GPS location in very low latency and in very high quality. By using two SIM card it actually double band wide of single SIM. It is just basic mathematics when you double the connectivity you double the band wide.


Moreover the two SIM card does not have to be of the same provider. Any cellular provider’s SIM card can be used as long as is has DATA package.


Even if the network is busy or in case we lose one of the provider’s signal we can still make the video transmitted smoothly over the other network.


On the receiving side our MRS server will gets the data packets from the two different networks and combine it to a live audio video and location streams.


The user can use any SIM card he wants no pre-setting is requires just insert DATA SIM to the devise and start transmitting even if you travel outside your country.


The HSS-201DUAL is offered with one or two analogue camera input or with one HDMI and one analogue camera input

When high quality of video and stabled video  link is required we offer to use our Dual SIM solution.

All our video units include GPS real time, every 1 second location update 

All our video units include local recording on devise and recording on server  

Software Suite


The Software Suite is an advanced complete software solution comprising of server/ client/ configuration programs for setting up, configuring, monitoring and controlling devices live from any location around the world. The monitoring application combines video, audio and GPS streaming in one user friendly application. Some of its features and capabilities include:


  • Clean, simple, user friendly layout

  • Live video/ Audio/ GPS streaming

  • Split screen on PC/Laptop (up to 20 channels)

  • Remote video bit rate/ frame rate/ resolution settings control

  • Remote Audio settings control

  • Remote device settings control

  • Remote video/audio/GPS recording

  • GPS tracking with multiple features

  • Multiple alarm functions

  • Alarm trigger actions and settings control

  • Permission and acess level controls for units/ clients

  • Monitor GSM/ WI-FI signal strength and battery capacity (%)

  • PTZ camera control and much more!

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