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Ultra Small 4G 

HSS-WAVE4G is an advanced, professional, wireless multimedia streaming/ recording device which broadcasts live HD quality video, stereo audio and GPS Location to anywhere using mobile cellular networks 

The HSS-WAVE4G is a portable, handheld device designed for body-worn applications such as policemen, fire fighters, security guards and others. The visual point of view of personnel in the field can be monitored live from any remote location. The unit is also an ideal solution for mobile vehicles, personal assets and all other mobile streaming applications.

HSS-4GHDMIis optimized for wireless cellular networks and provides stable video streaming at the highest available quality, without visible performance lag (low latency). The system is designed for streaming in low network bandwidth environments over long distances and is tolerant of packet failure when cellular GSM reception is low. The unit is very small in form (5 x 10 x 3.5 cm) and uses very low power (5V). The unit has a built in rechargeable lithium battery which can feed power to any 5V analogue Camera for portable use and allows for 4.5 hours of video streaming without being connected to an external power source.



MRS Software Suite

The MRS Software Suite is an advanced complete software solution comprising of server/ client/ configuration programs for setting up, configuring, monitoring and controlling MRS devices live from any location around the world. The monitoring application (MRS Monitor) combines video, audio and GPS streaming in one user friendly application. Some of its features and capabilities include:


  • Clean, simple, user friendly layout

  • Live video/ Audio/ GPS streaming

  • Split screen on PC/Laptop (up to 20 channels)

  • Remote video bit rate/ frame rate/ resolution settings control

  • Remote Audio settings control

  • Remote device settings control

  • Remote video/audio/GPS recording

  • GPS tracking with multiple features

  • Multiple alarm functions

  • Alarm trigger actions and settings control

  • Permission and acess level controls for units/ clients

  • Monitor GSM/ WI-FI signal strength and battery capacity (%)

  • PTZ camera control and much more!

Can be used transmitting GoPro or Conture HD cameras via 3G/4G cellular network.

All our video units include GPS real time, every 1 second location update 

All our video units include local recording on devise and recording on server  


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